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Mt. Fuji & Sake Brewery

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Set course


10 hours



Mt. Fuji and Sake Brewery tour

Mt. Fuji view and a sake tasting at a brewery are included in this tour. You’ll go to a nearby sake brewery after viewing Mt.Fuji and enjoy trying out many types of sake.

Indulge in the artistry of Japanese sake at traditional breweries, where skilled artisans craft this exquisite rice wine. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Japan as you explore the harmony between rice and water, creating a symphony of flavors. A visit to these sake breweries offers a captivating journey into Japan’s storied sake culture, inviting you to savor the nuanced complexity of this ancient beverage. Embark on a unique experience, and let the allure of Japanese sake beckon you. Cheers to an unforgettable exploration of Japan’s liquid heritage!

The brewery is situated in the mountains adjacent to a river. This tour is for fans of sake.

Tour Details


Tour Name Mt. Fuji and Sake Brewery tour
Tour Type Whole day
Destination #Viewing spot of Mt. Fuji
#Sake Brewery
Remarks Please ask us if you have a specific spots in this tour.
Starting around 8:00 ending around 17:00
  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Private car with a tour guide
  • Lunch at a local Japanese restaurant
  • Mt. Fuji view spot
  • Sake tasting at Sake brewery


8:00 Pick up at hotel
10:30 Mt. Fuji vewing spots
12:30 lunch at local eatery
14:00 Sake tasting at a brewry
15:30 Leave for Tokyo
17:00 Back to hotel

Rate of group

Up to 4 people


  • By Car

Up to 6 people


  • By Car

Up to 9 people


  • By Car


After visiting Mt. Fuji vewing spots, we visit local shrine, natural fountain in the area.
After our lunch (ramen, udon, curry rice, etc), we move to our final destination, a place called “Sawanoi Open Air Garden”. This is next to the sake brewery and has a really nice nature atmosphere along the river, you can hear the birds singing. They have a tasting bar where you can try some of their original Sake. Each cup of Sake starts at around 200 yen, and that includes the Japanese sake cup itself. So if you feel like having another one, just bring your first cup to the counter, and you will get another one for 100 yen (refill).


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