• Custom-tailored private tours in Japan


        We are happy to assist your travel needs. It is exciting to make a plan of overseas travel.
        At the sam time it is sometime annoy you becaseu you don’t have enough information of your destination. Let us know what you need.

        ■ Before the tour

        A) Planning and consulting
        We assist you in choosing the appropriate lodging, attractions, transportation, and more. It is our pleasure to recommend that you organize your schedule completely based on your travel requirements.
        B)  Shopping assist
        If you have an idea to purchase some special Japanese mementos or distinctive goods that are only available in Japan, we can help you by procuring it in advance in accordance with your travel schedule, setting up a direct delivery to your hotel, arranging for it to be handed over, or, if you prefer, direct shipping.

        ■ On the tour

        Basically, we’ll pick you up from the airport or your hotel. The journey then begins, traveling the entire distance with our guide. You are always welcome to take as much time as you need to miximze. We are sympathetic to your needs and advise that you follow the itinerary.

        We try our best to choose the ideal restaurant for lunch so that we can enjoy our meal. We join you for lunch to assist with ordering and to explain the cuisine.

        C) Guiding  & private assistance service
        Guide service includes the following:
        # Describing places to the party
        # Introducing cultural, natural and social story
        # Providing directions to tourists.

        Tour support / escort service includes the following:
        #Time keeping
        #Taking photos for your group
        #Itinerary consulting / suggestion
        #Shopping assistance
        #Offering sightseeing / restaurant suggestion
        #Booking support

        D) Private vehicle option
        In most cases, using a car to navigate Tokyo’s downtown is not necessary because the city has one of the strongest public transportation networks in the whole world. However, some visitors like this choice since they have young children or people who have problems walking in their group. Please feel free to request that we make use of it. This service is not required. You would like to add this option if your itinerary calls for traveling to distant locales like Mt. Fuji, Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama, and so on. Feel free to inquire further.

        ■ System
        Service itemsPrice
        A) Planning consultingFree of Charge
        B) Shopping assist10% of the goods. 1,500 yen at minimum charge
        C) Guiding& private assistance servicestarting $215 for half day
        starting #375 for full day
        D)Private vehicle optionask