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Lisa Lisa

About Lisa

300 300 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

Hello this is Lisa. I was born and raised in Tokyo. I started off as a volunteer tour guide for Hiragana times in 2013 and now working for Travel assist.

Why did I start working as a tour guide originally?

I used to live in the UK and Singapore all together for 6 years.I had fond memories my local friends showed me around the city. I was able to experience other cultures. I could not have those experiences as a standard tour. In the same way, I wanted to share those unique experiences to help create lasting memories who visit Japan.

Working as a professional in the office weekdays with people with different background. I commute in Jam-packed(or tuna-packed) like train and dine out with friends and colleagues privately/outside work that helps me to update current nice cuisine in Tokyo. I will find a restaurant that caters a range of dietary requirements for you! (i.e. vegetarian, religious, allergy etc.)

Let’s explore Tokyo together that never bores us all the time.

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