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We started this project to support and assist visitors traveling to Tokyo and Japan. We want to help travelers with planning, arranging, navigating or anything else that is part of your travel plan.
We can consult your tour plan according to your travel needs and desire with plenty of mutual communication before your arrival.

Our team consists of “half volunteers” who wish to act as an assistant of your visit to Japan to make your stay here a pleasant and memorable experience.
“Half volunteer” means we are not professionally qualified guides according to official guidelines, but we have the goodwill and knowledge to suitably help visitors. We know it might be the first time for you to visit Japan, which is why you should make it an efficient journey to explore Japanese culture and places. We are happy to help you by suggesting places to visit and guiding you to different locations in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan. We do our best to help you as we are all locals.
Almost all of our services and activities are free of charge, but if you choose to attend a “navigating” service, you will need to pay for the necessary expenses.

Our core staff are all native Japanese speakers and have enough experience to show you around.
We can all speak conversational English.

It is our pleasure to help to make your stay in Japan a memorable and pleasant.

We are all happy to be your guide and friend while you are here.
Please feel free to ask us anything about your travel as if we were long term friends. This is our style.

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