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About Dan

300 300 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

Hello, My name is Daiki.

My nickname is “Dan”, I feel it is easy name, but please call me whatever you want!
My hometown is Shizuoka prefecture. After graduated from high school, I moved to “Kansai” region.
I lived in Kyoto for 4 years, in Osaka for 3 years, then I live in Nara for more than 5 years.
I enjoyed visiting a lot of famous and local places like a tourist again and again.
Fortunately, I have Japanese friends who grew up there, they taught me many things that are not in travel books but only local people know. (good places, tasty foods, secret roads, how to enjoy there!)

In fact, thanks to these information, I could enjoy my “Kansai life” so much.
So, I do want to share all things I learned with you like my friends did for me!

And more, I have visited other prefectures in Japan and foreign countries.
(I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Hawaii.)
All travels were so attractive and I saw many kind people in each country.
These are still special memories. Through these experience, I also want to be a such person in Japan and support guests as possible as I can.

I would like to remove any worries and fears that guests have and make relax situation in all aspects to enjoy the tour.

I promise to do my best!
In the end, I have a lot of things I like, such as coffee, cafe, books, nature, animals, martial arts, Manga, Anime, etc. If you are also interested in or like them, let’s talk and have fun!

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