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Starter tour for TOKYO

Tour Type

Set course


6 hours



3 Must-see spots with local Japanese lunch for 6 hours by public transportation

This is the tour where you can visit three must-see spots in Tokyo and enjoy a lunch at a Japanese local restaurant all in five hours by public transportation.
We can give you practical tips for life in Tokyo such as how to use a train ticket, ordering foods at a restaurant, buying SIM card for your mobile etc. We are happy to pick a restaurant which meets your food preferences perfectly.

This tour is great for your stay as a first-time visitor.

Tour Details


Tour Name Stater tour of Tokyo
Tour Type Set tour for six hours
Destination #Asakusa Sensoji,
#Tsukiji Fish market
#Meiji Shrine
Remarks This is for the group up to 9 people.
There is no admission fee in this tour.
Transportation and lunch for the guide are your burden.
The price excludes sale tax such as 10 %.

Rate of group

Up to 4 people


  • By Public Transportation

Up to 4 people


  • By Car

Up to 6 people


  • By Public Transportation

Up to 6 people


  • By Car

Up to 9 people


  • By Public Transportation

Up to 9 people


  • By Car


9:00 Pick up at hotel
10:00 Asakusa sensoji Temple
*Tokyo sky tree viewing
11:30 Tsukiji Fish Market
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Meiji Shrine
15:00  The end of the tour



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It is always hassle to do anything  for the first time at different city.

In this tour we use public transportation all the way. This works for you to get  familiar with moving by yourself from following day.  Ordering, shopping , and eating at restaurant it will be no problem once you experienced with our guide.

If you like, we are flexible to stop by at certain spots within the time limitation.
This tour is recommended on your first day in Tokyo or final day.