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Izakaya – Japanese local bar tour

Tour Type

Set course


4 hours



Experience Japan's unique pub dining

An izakaya is a Japanese local style casual bar and restaurant. You can enjoy all kinds of Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, tonkatsu, ramen, and so on. It is quite reasonable and a wide range of foods are supplied. Izakayas have some of the best Japanese cuisine and a unique atmosphere.

Tour Details


Tour Name Izakaya and local food for half day tour
Tour Type Half day
Price Total 100 USD
Guide Fee 100 USD
Destination #Izakaya, a Japanese pub restaurant
Remarks You can choose the level of food (ex. Cheap eats, mid-range) depending on your budget.
Please enjoy authentic Japanese foods like raw fish, yakitori, vegetables and sake in a nice and comfortable atmosphere of a Japanese style restaurant bar.
Tour starts at around 16:00 and ends around 21:00.
  • Explanation to Japanese pub food offerings
  • Dining in a local Japanese restaurant
  • Authentic Japanese pub atmosphere
  • A memorable cuisine experience



Pick up at hotel

18:30 Izakaya restaurant
21:00 Back to Hotel



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