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      "Depachika" tasting and Japanese gastronomy


        4 hours

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        High-end food halls in Japanese department store basements

        “Depachika,” literary means a basement floor of the department store. Here you can find a treasure of selected Japanese foods. You can see and taste the upgraded daily foods like dessert, lunch or dinner in the Japanese table.
        If you are in Tokyo, you should try to go to the basement floor of the department store in any major station such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Yurakucho.

        What's included

        • A guidance to Japanese Depachika foods
        • Dining in a Depachika restaurant
        • A memorable cuisine experience

        This tour leads you to the Depachika and guides you through the Japanese culinary. After “Depachika” we will go to the restaurant which serves the food you liked. Whoever interested in eating Japanese daily foods, we will take you wherever you would like to go.

        Tour Details

        Tour Name“Depachika” tasting tour
        Tour TypeHalf day
        PriceTotal 80 USD
        Guide Fee 80 USD
        Destination#tasting at Department store basement.
        #eating at the selected restaurant.
        Location will be decided when booked (based on guest hotel location or special requests)
        RemarksYou can choose grade depending on your budget.
        Just let us know your impression you had at Depachika. We will make a booking to the best restaurant you like and guide you there.
        Starting around 16:00 ending around 21:00
        16:00Pick up at hotel
        19:00Back to Hotel