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        Sawara, where time slip experience of a little Edo in 21 century.

        900 675 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        At Sawara town in Katori city in Chiba prefecture, where just 90 minutes from Tokyo by train, you can amazingly enjoy the atmosphere of Edo period which it was 400 years ago. Even Japanese people don’t know what the Edo area was, but everybody come here can enjoy totally the mood of Edo period just…

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        Autumn Colors around Tokyo

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        It is coming another exciting season, Autumn. I personally strongly recommend to visit here on this season. In Japan 70% of the land is mountains and lot of rain fall through the year as you might know. That is one of the reasons for marvelous colors. It gives us visual healing. At the same time…

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        Samurai Sword, shopping, export assist

        800 534 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        Japanese Sword is special art object in Japan no more weapon at all. There are many kinds of swords, shape, length, and manufacturing method. True sword which made by master of sword costs at least 10,000 USD. Do you know that it is purchasable as a souvenir for tourists at specialty store. There are some…

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        “Depa chika” Selected Food market

        640 480 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        One of the most unknown treasuries is “Depa Chika”. ” Depa Chika” means literary Basement “Chika” of Department store “Depa”. We have many sophisticated department stores at main big station like Ginza, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya. Foreign visitors might think it just shopping place for clothes and accessories so on. In Japan basement of department…

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        ATM Cashing by credit card

        409 126 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        It is a bit problem here to withdraw bills from ATM in Japan for tourists who have credit card issued outside of Japan. Although you can see a lot of ATM machines on the street like other countries here, it doesn’t works at most of ATM when we insert your cards here. It is because…

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        Private Open-air ONSEN in Hakone

        960 330 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        We know some tourists strongly believe that they have to share bath tub with Japanese locals while you are taking bath time called “Onsen”(it is hot springs). They usually feel it uncomfortable because most of all foreign visitors have no custom like this. It is quite wasteful if you miss this wonderful local experience with…

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        Cherry blossom Spots, Just around Conner!!

        299 168 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        It is still cold here in Tokyo right now. But it would be the top season for cherry blossom in Tokyo soon. Usually it starts from the end of March to the beginning of the April. So when it would be this year? here is the Map of cherry blossom in Center of Tokyo, very…

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        Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator within English-language Travel App

        933 472 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        This is great news for travelers in Japan. Navitime, the company who provides route navigation system on website and mobile, launched travel app on14th February 2014. They provides visitors with multi-modal navigation solutions in English, including searches for tourism spots and navigation via mass transit systems. The points are two as follows. #1.The app has”…

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        Observing “Sumo Practice”

        600 450 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        Do you know it is possible to visit Sumo stable and observe practice? This is one of the must-see Japanese local experiences for tourists. It starts quite early in the morning, usually around from 7:00 to 10:30. At most of all stable it is open to anyone who is interested in Sumo including foreign visitors.…

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        How about walking around Tokyo “Yanesen” in spring?

        685 465 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        Some of visitors in Tokyo have interests in walking around old downtown called “Yanesen”. It is located a bit northern part of Tokyo area, near Ueno station. Yanaka in Taito-ku, and Nezu and Sendagi in Bunkyo-ku, are collectively known as Yanesen, from the first syllables of the three neighborhoods. The district is famous for retaining…

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