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Tracy was very accommodating!

Tracy was very accommodating no matter the situation. She never pressured us on time. For that matter she was consistently reassuring us to not worry about the time. She was very well organized, gave a lot of good cultural information, and helped us with the merchants.

It didn’t occur to me that my family and I had a 12-hour layover in Haneda until a few days before our flight. So, with a quick internet search, we were able to book this tour at the last minute. Tony and his staff were very accommodating and quick to get us booked. We chose the public transportation package because we had already spent a lot of money on our vacation. The only disadvantage to this is that it makes touring a little slower, not by much though. Tracy, our guide, was so kind and helpful and accommodating and well organized. We started the tour off with a great view of some key spots in the city at their tourism center. She then took us to some amazing temples and shrines, spent some time shopping, had a good ramen lunch, and made our final stop at Tokyo Tower before heading back to the airport. Along the way, Tracy explained so much about the history of Japan and her culture while helping us to avoid any cultural faux pas. Each spot we visited had a story and even my phone-tethered teens loved hearing them. Even on the subway where it was hard to find time and space to talk, Tracy would move around the car to point out different areas and elements of the city as we were zipping past. She did a great job, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. One lesson learned is that while I enjoyed the public transportation option, it probably wasn’t the best idea for summer months. It was hot outside and with all the walking combined with the reduced air conditioning on the public transportation system (they ventilated the train with an open window), we were really worn out by the end of the day. Even though we probably could have seen more, I don’t think any of us had the energy. If you’re going in the summer months, I would recommend the private transportation if you can afford it. Otherwise, I would love to take the train any other time of the year. It really was fun to see the similarities and differences between Tokyo daily life and the daily life in any other major city in the US.

From John U.S.A