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Pascal’s tour to Yamanashi and fruits tour.

We booked a trip to Mt Fuji because it recent came UNESCO world heritage. For us foreigners it is difficult to visit such destinations. We don’t know the local public transportation and the top places. On the internet there is so much information that you never can find unique spots and to get there.

After we left rainy Tokyo we arrived in Yamanashi prefecture where the weather was perfect. Our first stop was to discover the local fruits. The specialty is grapes, peaches and plums. We could taste as many kinds we want, it was delicious.

If we say grapes we think wine. So that was our next stop. During our trip to the wine builder we past a lot of different places. All of them where visit by big buses. We stopped at small place where you can see the craftsmanship of the wine. We could taste all the kinds great wines.

Our next stop was the lakes of Kwaguchi. We toke a cable lift to the top Kachi Kachi-Yama to see Mt Fuji. Sadly the weather was to cloudy to see the mountain. To brake some time we wander around and toke some nice pictures.

Further we went to the Mt Fuji water spring. The water was very clear and cold. We could even taste it.

Our last stop was Asama Shrine. These place was magnificent because the huge cedar trees. If you want to climb Mt Fuji you must pass this point to succeed your clime.

As you can read we visit many places. During the ride Toshio give us information about all sort of things. We even watched a video in the traffic jam to Tokyo.

Conclusion of our day, Toshio is the perfect guide if you want to see Tokyo (and around) in a different and personal way. Also the private car ride was a good way to do this trip. By the way we did the trip with 2 children (8 and 16 years old) and they were also very happy.