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Mt Fuji and Hakone package day tour by Car

Tour Type

Fully tailored 


10 hours




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Hakone_shrineThe best time on our tour with Toshio!

We had the best time on our tour with Toshio! He is a knowledgeable and professional guide, he was very patient with our kids, took many photos and gave the right amount of info! The price was great too and he gave us so much good advice for the next days of our holiday! You can’t go wrong by booking with him. Highly recommend!!!  Veronica


This is our first trip to Mt Fuji. We were there with 2 families with children and stayed in Hakone for 2 nights. On the first day, we visited the Hakone shrine and took a battleship cruise in Lake Ashi. The surrounding scenery was serene and awe-inspiring. On the second day, we visited a ski resort at Mt Fuji. The children had a great time playing with snow. Our local guide, Mr Tony was efficient and accommodating. He gave me very good ideas when I was planning for my itinerary and always ensures that my requests and queries were taken care of. Thank you, Mr Tony  of Travel Assist Japan for making our trip such a memorable one!     Mabel.C

VIP Treatment

Mt Fuji day trip from Tokyo by charted vehicle with photographer guide for VIP
We were travelling with an elderly and our guide, Tony was very attentive to the small details to ensure my Mother (82 years old) would be able to enjoy the trip with little cause for concern. He also showed us areas where more locals were enjoying the views of Mt Fuji and stop at nice bakeries to fuel our energy.

Tour Details


Tour Name Mt. Fuji and Hakone for day tour
Tour Type Whole day
Destination #Hidden spot for viewing of Mt. Fuji
#Oshino hakkai, a natural fountain of Mt. FujiOption
A) #Lake Ashi cruise boat
B) #Hakone open air private spa. 100% pure spa with private bath.
•We will coordinate according to your reuest of where you want to go.
Remarks This is for the group up to 9 people max.
This is chartered car based tour.
You can use bullet train on your way back to Tokyo if you would like.
  • Admission fees
  • Lunch
  • Toll for 5th station if you go
  • Sales tax ; 10 %

Timetable Example

8:00 Pick up at hotel
10:30 Hidden view point of Mt. Fuji
12:30 Oshino Hakkai. fountain of snow water from Fuji
14:00 Lake Ashi. or Hakone Private hot spring bath
15:30 Hakone Shrine
16:00 Leave for Tokyo
18:00 Back to hotel

*We will coordinate according to your request of where you want to go.

Rate of group

Up to 4 people


•Applying Fall-faliage couponstarting

  • By Car

Up to 6 people


•Applying Fall-faliage couponstarting

  • By Car

Up to 9 people


  • By Car

Fall Faliage Coupon Now Available!

A $100 coupon available for tours with 4 to 6 participants on specific dates.

$100 OFF Fall Falage Coupon


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Fall Faliage Coupon Now Available!

$100 OFF Fall Falage Coupon

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