We are happy to assist your travels as following

■ Before the tour

A) Planning and consulting
Accommodations, spots choosing, transportation,  we are happy to suggest you total planning of the itinerary upon your needs.
B) Accommodation arrangement
It is sometimes cheaper to book by  local Japanese booking services rather than  global reservation websites such as Expedia, and so on. We have a local hotel discount booking site, working only in Japanese. We can assist you to reserve for you.
C) Shopping assist
If you have an idea to buy some special Japanese souvenirs or unique products only sold in Japan,
we assist you to buy it in advance according to your travel itinerary, arranging it to
direct delivery to your hotel, handing it over, or direct shipping whatever on your request.

■ On the tour

We can help you to start the tour on the first day in Tokyo easily and comfortably by taking you to travel destinations or to your hotel.
We can also point you to best currency exchange, and explain how to use public transportation,
mobile set-up and so on.

E) Guiding  & supporting service
Depending on your needs,  we attend and help you to navigate to your destinations whole day or half of day.
You can enjoy transportation, eating out, and shopping with more local way. At the restaurant assisting you with ordering, at the shopping center to select the right store according to your needs.
With our assistance, you can save time and money and have much more satisfaction with happy memories.

Guide service includes following tasks.
# Describing places to party
# Introducing cultural, natural and social story
# Providing directions to tourists.

Tour support / escort service includes following tasks.
#Time keeping
#Free photographic taking
#Itinerary consulting / suggestion
#Shopping assistance
#Offering sightseeing / restaurant suggestion
#Booking support

F) Driving car option
It is not necessary to see around Tokyo downtown by car because public transportation system is perfectly developed. However, some tourists prefer this option because the trip is accompanied with  elderly or small babies . Please feel free to ask us to take advantage of it. This is free of charge option!  If your plan includes suburbs with long distances such as Mt.Fuji, Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama and so on, you can add this option. You can easily reach your destination in reasonable time with our luxury cars.

■ System

F) Driving car option Free of Charge
*Up to 4 persons only
Over 4 persons rental car cost needed.
(gasoline, highway and parking fee are excluded)

A) Planning consulting Free of Charge
B) Accommodation arrangement Free of Charge
C) Shopping assist 10% of the goods. 1,500 yen at minimum charge
E) Navigating(Guiding) 250USD /half of day(up-to 4 hours)
350 – 600 USD /whole day, (up-to 8 hours)

■ Cancellation Charge

Day of cancellation Cancellation Charge
to 30 days prior 0%
29 to 7 days prior 30%
6 to 1 days prior 50%
on the day 100%