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Tea Ceremony and Tokyo tour

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Fully tailored


8 hours



Experience an authentic tea ceremony

You can fully enjoy an authentic tea ceremony experience, complete with detailed explanations in English about the etiquette and culture.

Car-based private tour, no need to research public transportation

No need to research destinations on your own, maximize your time in a comfortable car like Alphard.

Guided tours to unique stores known only to locals

We will take you to the restaurants where the locals go. Ideal for those who are tired of souvenir shops for tourists.

Tea Ceremony Experience

Tea Cremony Experience and Tokyo Tour
  • Zen and Tranquility: Experience the Zen mindset and tranquility of a traditional tea ceremony, fostering self-reflection and nature appreciation.
  • Cultural Insight: Dive into the symbolism and etiquette of the tea room, revealing the depth of Japanese seasonality and hospitality.
  • Expert Guidance: Enjoy personalized guidance from experienced instructors, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the tea ceremony.
The Tea Ceremony, crucial for samurai to learn Zen, emphasizes mutual respect and self-reflection, providing a peaceful experience. Guests pass through the “Nijiriguchi” to learn about the decor’s symbolism and the Japanese sense of hospitality and mindfulness. They observe the ceremony, enjoy sweets and matcha, and learn etiquette. Instructors are available to answer questions and deepen the cultural understanding.
Tea Cremony Experience and Tokyo Tour


LeeCould not ask for a better experience

Fumi arranged for me to have an authentic tea ceremony with kimono. It was my most treasured experience of the whole tour. I feel like I learned so much about Japanese culture.  I could not have asked for a better experience. I took the 6-hour Tokyo Transit tour and could not ask for a better experience. Fumi was amazing. She was very communicative from beginning to end, starting way before my trip, learning my preferences and personalize an itinerary that I would enjoy. She was even able to arrange an authentic tea ceremony with kimono for me, which turned out to be my most treasured experience of the whole tour. She also explained many things about the Japanese culture and is so knowledgeable about everything I asked. I couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. Lee from U.S.A.

Super Friendly!!

We Absolutely Loved our guide, Tony Ina!! He was so accommodating, polite, informative and Super Friendly!! He took myself and my Mom all around Tokyo, making sure that we saw all of the Important sights, giving us a lot of the historical facts as well. He suggested a great lunch spot where we had fabulous sushi over near the fish market! His vehicle was Extremely comfortable, clean and he is an Excellent driver! I can’t say Enough about Tony…I’ll use him again when next in Japan!! Paris M.

Tokyo Tour testimonialThe tour was excellent

Tracey was very friendly and eager to ensure that we saw the sights that were most interesting to us in our time schedule. Our google research brought up the tour and it suited our needs. I would highly recommend to travellers needing a short tour to see the main sights of Tokyo.   Anne from Australia

Tour Details


Tour Name Tea ceremony and Tokyo tour
Tour Type Whole day
Destination Japanese Garden
Tea ceremony
Aoyama / Omotesando
*We will coordinate according to your request of where you want to go.
  • Lunch / admisstion fees
  • Tax
  • Pick up from your hotel / drop off
  • 2-3 popular tourist spots in Tokyo
  • Option to choose the spots you like to visit within Tokyo
  • Includes a tea ceremony experience for each participant

Timetable Example

9:00 Pick up at hotel
9:15 Japanese Garden
10:15 Tea ceremony experience
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Explore Ginza
16:00 Explore Aoyama / Omotesando
17:00 Back to hotel

*We will coordinate according to your request of where you want to go.

Rate of group

Up to 2 people



    By Car

Up to 4 people



    By Car

Up to 6 people



    By Car

2 benefits of using Tokyo Travel Assist tour guide

Time-efficient by a guide who knows Tokyo inside and out

The tour is a private car tour, and that allows to get to more places in one day. Seeing as many places using public transportation is almost impossible. The visitors who are not familiar with Tokyo’s public transportation or have aged person with you or small children, this is the best way to see all major attractions in Tokyo in one day.

Flexible to stop by at certain spots

If you like, we are flexible to stop by at certain spots within the time limitation.
This tour is recommended on your first day in Tokyo or final day.
You can choose some of the spots on a half-day tour by car as well.

Your Tour Guides

Tea Ceremony Fumi
Fumi, originally from Osaka and having lived in Tokyo for most of her life. From a young age, she harbored a longing to explore the unknown, a dream that first took her abroad to the Soviet Union.The cultural shocks she experienced there over 30 years ago remain vivid in her memory.
While studying in university to become a school teacher, Fumi funded her travels across Europe and America with part-time jobs, satisfying her wanderlust and expanding her world view.
Fumi eventually realized her dream of teaching through becoming a Japanese language instructor, which paved the way for her career shift to a tour guide.
In this role, she meticulously prepares for her guests, aiming to fulfill their requests and ensure a memorable itinerary. She’s also reignited her passion for traditional Japanese tea ceremony, studying it anew after first being introduced in middle school.
Every tour Fumi leads is unique, filled with fresh discoveries and surprises.
She cherishes moments of shared joy with guests, whether it’s savoring delicious food together or witnessing their delight at successfully communicating in Japanese.
Her recommended spot in Tokyo is the Meiji Shrine, a place she feels is incomparably serene and connected to nature, a man-made forest thriving a century later, reminding her to be grateful for history and tradition.
Born and raised in Tokyo, Tracey obtained her National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter license in 2008.
Throughout her guided tours, Tracey weaves the rich tapestry of history, culture, and captivating anecdotes, allowing her guests to form meaningful connections with each destination.
At Sensou-ji in Asakusa, she shares intriguing insights, such as the background of hidden statues and cherished childhood memories spent with her grandmother.
Tracey’s compassion shines through in her experience escorting 11 family groups from the United States who came to support survivors of the East Japan earthquake and tsunami.
For eight consecutive summers, from 2011 to 2019, she led these groups through the Tohoku region, offering not only her guidance but also a sympathetic ear for the survivors.
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tracey seized the opportunity to immerse herself in the art of modern calligraphy, further enriching her diverse skill set and knowledge base. Her commitment to continuous learning and personal growth reflects her dedication to providing exceptional tour experiences.
Before she embarks on her tours, she offers heartfelt prayers to her ancestors at the Buddhist altar and to the deities at the Shinto altar, seeking success.

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