• Custom-tailored private tours in Japan

        Private & Customize

        Tours are easily customizable upon your request. We are eager to meet your preferences and goals for your trip. All the tours are 100% private for you or your group visiting Japan.

        Friendly touch
        Friendly touch

        Feel like you are visiting a friend living in Japan. We put ourselves in your shoes and think how to make your stay a pleasant journey. We do our best to give you a memorable stay in Japan.


        On all our tours, transportation is fully covered by us. A group of three or four can enjoy our excellent cost-effectiveness as all the costs are fixed before you go. This is our transparent billing.

        Total Support

        We are happy to provide you with suggestions on accommodation, transportation, and places to eat to make your stay more pleasant. Feel free to ask us anything, we are here to help you.


        We are here to help you to make the most of your visit to Japan. Japanese spring season and cherry blossoms is one the most popular tourist season in Japan.
        Getting to see all the sightseeings in tourist-packed locations can be a hassle. Finding the right address, busy trains and the language-barrier… That is why we started Tokyo Travel Assist. Our private-guided tours will guarantee your satisfaction on your trip in Japan.

        With us, you don’t need to worry about making it on time to your destination, booking the attractions and restaurants. All our private-guided tours are custom tailored to your needs and we make sure your travel wishes will be fulfilled
        Golden aged couple, family with kids are highly welcome!

        Mount Fuji & Hakone Spring Tour

        Did you know that you can enjoy cherry blossom and Mt. Fuji until early May…
        Mount Fuji & Hakone Spring Tour is one of the most popular tours by our visitors, and most definitely, you will be satisfied with all the spots and landscape of Japanese great nature of mountains, trees and lakes. The tour contains Mt, Fuji, five lakes, hidden spot for Fuji, Oshino hakkai(natural fountain from the Fuji), Ohwakudani (volcanic valley), Hakone.

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        Hakone Shrine & Lake

        Ōwakudani volcanic valley

        Mt. Fuji natural fountain

        Mt. Fuji

        Tokyo in one day Tour

        Experience the modern and historic Tokyo in one day

        This is a private car tour that allows us to see more places in one day. Seeing as many places using public transportation is almost impossible. The visitors who are not familiar with Tokyo’s public transportation or have aged person with you or small children, this is the best way to see all major attractions in Tokyo in one day.

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        Meiji Shrine




        thatched roof house
        An amazing way to get up close with Mt Fuji
        1080 608 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        Tony was an exceptional guide for the day. We had planned and…

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        1080 608 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        Tony was an excellent tour guide. He took us to places we…

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        Great scenery of Mt Fuji
        1080 608 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        This is our first trip to Mt Fuji. We were there with…

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        Great service, great photos, and great company!
        1080 608 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        Mr. Tony — our wonderful all-in-one guide and photographer– was a delight…

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