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        Yokohama to Tokyo 90 mints cruise

        150 150 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

        This is very niche information though, we have short cruise service, enjoying night lights around Tokyo area, only available among October to Jun on Saturday and Sunday.


        It departs from Yokohama   Ohsanbashi, at 18:10, costs 1440yen for adult,720yen for child. you can get there by 7 minuets walk  from “nihondai-dohri” station minatomirai line. The ticket is issued without seat, if you need seat for yourself ask them with seat. The price is the same.

        The way to Tokyo, on broad there is no gorgeous restaurant , only some vending machine for beer and beverage. Just simply for enjoying the lights and air outside,feeling the sea wind.

        In Autumn and Spring time would be much comfortable.




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