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        Who will clean up street in Japan?

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        Every tourists who have been to Japan are definitely impressed by cleanliness on the street.
        Not only the residential area but also office and downtown area.
        But you can’t find any people who are cleaning up there. Who will do this in Japan?

        The environmental cleanliness is historically strong concern for Japanese people in general. At home we are responsible for the cleanliness of community where they live. We have some rules to follow when we discard garbage in daily life. It becomes a kind of moral to observe rules for us. “No throw it away policy on the street” is alive in Japanese people’s mind deeply. In some areas we take turns to clean up the garbage place by residents.
        In Japan we don’t have professional cleaners in the residential area. People who are belonging to the community are all responsible for beautification so that they spontaneously clean up the street by themselves. As they are all conscious to cleanliness, it is natural for them to do it as a daily task.

        The same things happen in the office area. Most of staff in stores, restaurants and office are natural to clean up the street in front of their workplace by themselves. People you can see on the street in the morning city are this kind of staffs.

        The sense of this value for cleanliness originally comes from Japanese education policy. In compulsory education they have to clean up the own classroom by themselves after school as kind of educational activities in school. This is quite natural in Japanese school but unique from global point of view. “Cleanliness” doesn’t mean physical tidiness in Japan, it means mental stability and calm here.

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