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        How to enjoy Hakone area from Tokyo

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        There are some ways to get to Hakone from Tokyo. Hakone is easier to go around from Tokyo by bus or train.
        This time we will show you using bus to Hakone and going back by train called #Romance car” route.

        It takes 2 hours and half from Busta Shinjuku to Togendai station, costing 2,010 yen. If you take 7:30 bus from Shinjuku busta, then arrive at 10:00 Tohgendai staion. If the weather is fine you can view Mt. Fuji at around Gotemba inter change. After getting of the bus you can take a ride ropeway from there to Ohwaku dani called ” death vallery” for a short visit. It costs 1,880 yen for two ways. After coming back to Tohgendai station then you take a cruise boat called “Pirate ship”
        to Moto Hakone station. If you take 13:10 boat to Moto Hakone, you will be there at 13:50 costing 1,000 yen. You can explore around Lake Ashi, especially Hakone Shrine by walk. Then back to Tokyo by train from Hakone Yumoto station. It takes 2.5 hours costing 3,040 yen. If you leave Moto Hakone at 16:00 you can come back to Shinjuku at 18:30.


        #Shinjuku Hakone bus line

        #Lake Ashi cruise boat

        Sample itinerey for Hakone area in by bus out by train. As of July 2017

        7:30 leaving Shinjuku Busta for Hakone toTohgendai station
        9:30 Arrival
        10:00 Taking ropeway to Ohwakudani
        12:30 Coming back to Tohgendai station
        13:10 Taking a cruise boat to Moto Hakone station
        13:50 Arriaval
        exploring lake side, Hakone Shrine
        16:00 Local bus from Moto Hakone to Hakone yumoto station
        16:45 Leaving Hakone Yumoto station to Shinjuku
        18:30 Arriaval

        Budget for transportaion by Yen per head.
        Shinjuku > Thogendai station 2,010
        Tohgendai > Ohwakudani > Tohgendai 1,880
        Tohgendai > Moto Hakone 1,000
        Moto Hkone > Hakone yumoto > Shinjuku 3,040
        Total 7,930 YEN

        The route on Google

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