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        Hi, this is Tomoko, a licensed tour guide and KIMONO consultant.
        Japanese culture is very rich.  Some looks very simple, but if you know the background and how it was used, you will understand it pretty deep and inspiring.  Japanese Gardens, structure style, interior designs, tea ceremony, Kimono, Origami, Furoshiki, (‘wrapping cloth), Ukiyoe woodblock printings, food and even Kitchen utensils have cultures that would arouse your interest once you know well.  Through our active communication and your real experiences during the tour, I am happy to whip up your interest. 

        Before becoming the guide, I had worked with global companies as an HR manager for more than 25 years and enjoyed many projects with my counterparts in U.S., England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and China.  Knowing the different cultures and practices made me so excited and working out a common goal with them gave me a wonderful experience.  

        Now, the common goal for you and me is to produce the most enjoyable experiences in Japan.  Why don’t we work out together?  If you came to my house, you could experience wearing Kimono, eating Japanese sweets, making a bowl of tea in the Japanese room, making various kinds of animals by folding a sheet of paper and artistic Japanese wrappings.  I can also take you to little known good spots such as local vivid shopping areas and the spectacular burning ritual of the temple, too.  

        Look forward to seeing you soon!!