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Anne Anne

About Anne

300 300 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

My name is Anne and I’m a licensed tour guide. I have lived in Osaka since I was born. I guide tourists in the Kanasai region where Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and also the surrounding areas in the vicinity are located.
Osaka is famous for its food, historical places and modern architecture so I’m proud of living here.
Becoming a tour guide is my long-term dream. I had been involved with teaching English since I was young. I had an opportunity to go abroad as a volunteer tour conductor when I was young. After that I was really inspired by the work of tour guides. Finally I am a licensed tour guide after having a lot of experience of being a volunteer. I enjoy talking with tourists from all over the world, sharing our culture and helping them to travel in Japan.
I like traveling. In Japan, I enjoy visiting many places such as temples, shrines, museums, and mountains
When I travel abroad, I like choosing places to visit, making an itinerary, sightseeing, visiting museums, seeing architecture and sampling local food. That’s why your tour gives me great pleasure to guide you in my local area and introduce you to the Japanese way of life in this region.
Thank you.

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