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        My name is Aimu, but you can call me Amy if it is easier.

        I have always loved traveling since I was a kid. I enjoy snorkeling and nature excursions as well as food and different cultures. My interest in foreign countries led me to spend a year in Denmark during high school and eventually take a master’s degree in Denmark. I learned Danish through those years and feel as if Denmark is my second home. Besides, abundant experience abroad has provided different perspectives about Japan and I came to appreciate its beautiful culture. Various seasonal events and the food accompanying these events are one thing I love about Japan. Besides, hot springs and tea ceremony are my favorite.

        Among my biggest accomplishments is that I recently reached the top of Mt. Fuji despite of the fact that I do not like hiking. I enjoy camping, snorkeling or nature excursions, but I find it super difficult to hike uphill. I am honestly not good at any sports except yoga, martial arts and marine sports. Therefore, this achievement is something very special to me, who prefers to eat snacks while I read novels/manga or watch TV rather than go running.

        “When in Rome, do as Romans do”
        This is what I believe is the best way to enjoy traveling while being welcomed by the locals at the same time. I hope to be a great cultural mediator and offer a special time in this beautiful country.

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