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        Gala Yuzawa for skiing by one day trip from Tokyo

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        Why don’t you go to Gala Yuzawa for skiing by one day trip?
        This is a one of greatest local experiences of Winter in Japan.


        We know some of tourists, coming at this season, have a desire to go skiing in Japan.

        Yes, we have a lot of wonderful ski resorts in Nagano or Nigata prefecure. They are quite easy to get there if you go by car or bus basically. It takes 4-6 hours from Tokyo usually. Hakuba,Nageba,Nozawa are some of famous ones. Still not easy to get only by train.

        Highly recommend resort I would show you is Gala Yuzawa in Nigata prefecture.

        Strong appearing point is that it is located in front of bullet train station so that you can get off the train and almost ready to skiing.

        Gala Yuzawa station, it takes about only 90 minutes from Tokyo station by Max tanigawa, zyoetsu shinkansen (bullet train). There are some package tour including, train and lift ticket, costs at least 7,200 yen.

        At the station  there are some rental shop for wear and ski board as well.This means almost nothing to go with you but you can enjoy skiing around 10,000yen altogether.

        You can easily buy the tickets at Midori no Madoguchi,JR service office.


        ☆Gala Yuzawa snow resort


        ☆JR East



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