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        This is great news for travelers in Japan.

        Navitime, the company who provides route navigation system on website and mobile, launched travel app on14th February 2014. They provides visitors with multi-modal navigation solutions in English, including searches for tourism spots and navigation via mass transit systems.

        Free Wi-Fi

        The points are two as follows.

        #1.The app has” Free Wi-Fi Spot Search” as a convenient offline ffeature

        No-cost Wi-Fi hotspots can be searched offline in the order of proximity to the user’s current location or a specific railway station. Detailed information about each hotspot will include the location’s name, address and telephone number. An augmented reality (AR) mode function will show the distance and direction from the user’s current location on the user’s device screen. App usage will be free.


        #2. the app will provide information on hotspots of two other no-cost Wi-Fi services, with usage explained in English for each:

        –       FREE Wi-Fi – at about 40,000 shops and facilities where NTT East “Hikari Station” hotspots are installed, Covering 17 prefectures including or east of Niigata, Nagano, Yamanashi and Kanagawa prefectures.

        –       FREESPOT – about 10,000 locations provided nationwide by Buffalo Co., Ltd.

        –       STARBUCKS – about 1,000 locations at Starbucks coffee shops nationwide.


        NAVITIME for Japan Travel app users also will be able to obtain an ID and password to use NTT East’s FREE Wi-Fi (public wireless LAN) service for two weeks free of charge. Users must obtain their ID and password via the app while still overseas, before arriving in Japan (confirmed by GPS), and must be short-stay visitors. Once in the country, they will be required to register an email address in addition to entering their ID and password the first time they access the FREE Wi-Wi service. Available initially on a trial basis from February 14 to September 30, 2014, the offer may be continued thereafter.


        Anyone who does not obtain their FREE Wi-Fi ID and password before arriving in Japan can still download the NAVITIME for Japan Travel app to locate places in Japan that they can visit to receive their free two-week ID/PASS card in person. The app will show the distance and direction from the user’s current location. A foreign passport proving that the visitor entered Japan within 90 days will be required.


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        NAVITIME for Japan Travel download:

        –    Google Play URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navitime.inbound.walk

        –    App Store URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navitime-for-japan-travel/id686373726?mt=8

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