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        Autumn Colors around Tokyo

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        It is coming another exciting season, Autumn. I personally strongly recommend to visit here on this season.
        In Japan 70% of the land is mountains and lot of rain fall through the year as you might know. That is one of the reasons for marvelous colors. It gives us visual healing. At the same time harvests from mountains, sea and fields are ready to entertain our taste as well. When you are here just try to eat Wa-shoku, Japanese cuisine, filled with autumn foods. You don’t always have to go to the three star restaurants, even at the ordinal Izakaya they serves excellent tasty dishes in autumn.

        Here is the plan to enjoy Autumn colors around Tokyo which means you can go there for one day trip from Tokyo.

        #1, Nikko Toshogu
        This is the earliest place to enjoy the colors. It takes around two hours by train from the center of Tokyo.
        If you take bus tours from Nikko station to Chuzenji lake or Oku-Nikko, you will find another fantastic colors at
        middle of the October to the beginning of November.

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        #2, Chichibu
        This is another hidden spot where no guide book refers. it is a bit closer than Nikko to get to.
        You take train from Ikebukuro for about two hours. Nice and ruin country side with great river.
        If you have time, I suggest to enjoy hot springs as well.


        #3, Nishizawa keikoku
        here is the west side of Tokyo, taking about two hours by car from the center of Tokyo. It locates quite deep
        mountain side near Mt. Fuji. you can enjoy great fully colors.

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