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Hotel booking is not only a one of the most important matter to enjoy your travelling but also hassle to meet your budget.When you are outside of Japan, you have only way to make booking by website like, Expedia, and so on. It is definitely good way to make it, but sometimes cost is annoying you. Here we have some bargain sale websites for hotel booking for Japanese people basically. These are all written in Japanese so that hardly to understand them by foreign travelers. The fact that it is also applicable non- Japanese even for visitors from abroad is not known well unfortunately.

This is the service of TTA(Tokyo Travel Assist) for you to cost cutting by making a book instead of you. you can see the sample rate as below.

#how to order

#1.Just tell us your acceptable daily budget for accommodation, date, number of guests, and location using the form
#2. After receiving request, we will reply plans with some suggestions.
#3. If you accept the plan, we finalize it asap.
#4. After finishing, we send confirmation number to you.
#3. Once we made, you need to call the hotel by yourself if some changes occur.

plan: no breakfast;for one night for one room for two persons
Currency: JPY( Japanese Yen)
please note that this rate is changable depending on the time and date
*10% service fee and 5%Tax are excluded
# service and Tax are included
Website Agoda Tokyo Travel Assist remarks
Keio Plaza 21,673* 24,832# 18,000# 38%OFF
Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo 15,411* 18,480# 16,000# 15% OFF
Royal Park hotel Shiodome 19,174* 20,414# 14,000# 45% OFF

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