Tour Guide: Mari

150 150 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

Hello, I’m Mari!

I’m a tour guide from Tokyo! I lived in this city most of my life. I would
be very happy to guide you through the wonderfully rich culture,
history, scenery and cuisine of Tokyo and its neighboring places!

I love travelling too, just like you! This is one of my interests. I like to
see and feel different cultures. I’m always excited to experience new,
uncommon things in other countries. In fact, I visited more than 120
cities around the world! I’ve learned a lot from these travels!

As a tour guide, I’m interested in sharing things about Japan, the
authentic aspects of daily life in Japan to be exact. I’m telling you
there are surprising and uncommon fact that can’t be found in your
guide book or even on the Internet!

Come and join my tour and I’ll be very glad to help make your visit in
Japan worthwhile!


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