Tour Guide: Anne

150 150 Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!

I lived in Indiana as a high-school exchange student and earned BA majoring Economics in Oregon. Travelling Europe alone as a backpacker was my “once in a life time experience” as well as visiting ASEAN countries under the Japanese Government Youth Program.

My hobbies; cycling, mountain climbing, Onsen (hot spring) visit, Japanese arts & crafts, Kimono& Sash Belt hunting, Washi (Japanese paper), eating delicious Japanese food together with Sake etc. Let’s explore Japan by experiencing new things!

I’d happy to support your specific needs; Studio Photo shooting with Samurai Costume

&Traditional Kimono like Sayuri (Movie), Manga (Japanese cartoon) collection, Japanese Arts & Crafts experience, Medical assistant, Bird/Cat café visit, Meditation at temple, Healing goods collection, etc.

I am looking forward to fulfilling your wishes in Japan!


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