Tokyo Travel Assist.  Enjoy the local experiences! Tokyo Travel Assist.  Enjoy the local experiences! Tokyo Travel Assist.  Enjoy the local experiences! Tokyo Travel Assist.  Enjoy the local experiences! Tokyo Travel Assist. Enjoy the local experiences!


Don’t waste your time and money when traveling.
We want to make your stay a comfortable experience within a reasonable budget.

Travelling is one of the most exciting and refreshing experiences in life. Feeling of the air, scenery, buildings, smell, food, people etc., it all inspires us so immensely. Walking, seeing, eating with people you know, such as friends, family, it is such a wonderful time when traveling.

In many cases, traveling to Tokyo might be the first time for you.
It is not so easy to travel to a first-time place by yourself. Here in Japan, especially, people in Tokyo are getting better in communicating in English but still behind admittedly.

We know you have limited time and budget as most of the travelers do, that is why we have started this project for you. We believe that if you have someone local and reliable to guide you, the trip will be much  smoother and enjoyable.
We at Tokyo Travel Assist know how to get to the spots efficiently, where to eat local Japanese meals, where to go and enjoy with a value for your time and money.

■ Ask us as if we were your friends

We will assist you with traveling and reaching the destination. We will attend you on the trip all the way and give you navigation. As an optional service, you can choose a car trip so that you can be there directly. All our activities are planned according to your needs to make the most of your stay.

■ Most importantly we are friends for you not business like agents.

For us, it to guarantee your satisfaction with us. Our staffs are all local Japanese with sufficient goodwill and hospitality as you friends.

With our assistance, you can enjoy the experience such as eating at local Japanese foods, visiting local spots where usual foreign tourists don’t go, taking a private “Onsen” with your family or group.
This is quite wonderful time with tourists as well to know more local for sure.

I have had a chance to enjoy the time with locals when I recently have visited other countries for fun or even for a business trip.
It is so exciting to know more about local style by local people. “Local experiences” is the key word for us and it would be our pleasure if we could be of your help in Tokyo somehow.

Let us make it your stay more exciting and fruitful with TTA!

■The difference between city guide and TTA Navigator

TTA navigator has a role of total assist of your stay from planning, arranging, sightseeing, to leaving.
We take an active role to satisfy your travel needs or expectations by planning, consulting and arranging your trip.
If you already have a travel initiative, we can assist you to have more local experiences.

Ordinal city guides have raison d’tre of guidance or introduction at certain spots. They have predetermined route and they are not flexible.


Role Introduction Leading to destination
Route Predetermined Flexible
Tour initiative Guide owns Visitor owns
Expertise Knowledge Hospitality,friend touch
Metaphor Leader Assistant
Cost/person 20,000yen 8,750yen
*shared by 4 persons